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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:00 pm
by hennesse
We want YOU to participate in the AMCA judging of Dave Hennessey's 1954 KH at OLEY next weekend.

You've probably read about VIRTUAL JUDGING in the AMCA magazine. V.J. allows Marque Experts to help judge a bike even if they are not at the meet. In this case, Sportster marque expert Dave Carleton will be participating from his home in California. AMCA Executive Director Keith Kizer and AMCA Chief Judge Don Dzurick will be on-site overseeing the judging.

Jerry and Jack Raino will be at Oley, and will be nit-picking Dave's bike. Jim Garrett should be among the nit-pickers. We need other K-model experts - THAT'S YOU - to help give this bike a thorough judging. If you've never participated in judging before, you will learn exactly what goes on - from the inside. You will also learn what a K-model SHOULD be - and what it SHOULDN'T be.

The Virtual Judging will most likely be on Friday afternoon in the main building where the registration booth / t-shirt sales / banquet are. That may change. Stop by the OSKRG vendor spot, yack a bit, drink a cold one, and find out when/where the VJ will be. Or ask at the registration booth.

Can't make it to Oley? No problem - you can nit-pick Dave's bike from the comfort of your living room. Here are a pile of photos for you to peruse. And if you will be at Oley, you can preview what you're up against.

Look for our banner!
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How to find the OSKRG
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With luck, Dave's bike will earn a decent score, and we can promote it from the Barnster section to the regular Gallery.