UPDATE - August 2018 (Got Dope?)

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UPDATE - August 2018 (Got Dope?)

Postby hennesse » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:33 pm

You're not at Davenport, but there is some cool K and XL stuff for you to look at.

Over in the Literature section, there's a new SHOP DOPE area. Lloyd at Mostly Ironheads has been feeding us some Dope - and we've been publishing it on the website.

The Factory-to-Dealer section got revised. While we were pawing aound in there, we found News Bulletin 1166. It was already scanned, cleaned up, PDF'd and ready to go, but for some reason (maybe the dope?) we forgot to publish it on the site. It's a beautiful look at Harley's lineup for 1953.

We don't know who contributed it. If it's you, please stand up and be recognized. We Thank You.

Click this image - to see the New Old Stuff.
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