Front and rear hub inner bearing spacer size

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Front and rear hub inner bearing spacer size

Postby jarlenfos » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:44 pm

Hey all,
I recently imported a basket case bike into Australia. It's a 69 XLCH but has the K model conical front hub/drum.

Both the rear hub and front hub were empty when purchased. I managed to locate the other components to assemble in the box of parts except both bearing spacer sleeves were missing. I have looked these up online and it seems like they are just a length of tube turned down so it rides cleanly on on the inner race of the bearings, presumably the step up to larger diameter is to provide extra axle support to prevent flex?

My question is, these parts are uncommon to find in Australia and if buying from the US shipping is a killer. Can I get away with facing off a length of tube that sits snugly on the axle and also rides on the inner race of the bearings? I would do this out of steel not alloy obviously. Is it necessary for me to use heavy wall tube with the ends turned down to inner race size? Seems like extra work and maybe redundant.

Finally, I was unable to find length measurements for these spacers online. Does anyone happen to know the size for the conical front drum and then rear hub.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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