Early dealer aids for advertizing

Classic short-frame models

Re: Early dealer aids for advertizing

Postby Rubone » Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:36 pm

This is so much easier to look at...I have lots of original literature.



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Re: Early dealer aids for advertizing

Postby Ferrous_Head » Fri Jun 19, 2020 9:23 pm

It really is a shame that HD themselves have cared so little for their own history. Today, they still trade on past glories (while contemplating bankruptcy) but getting information from them is ........, well, I no longer bother.

Harley really only ever made two bikes. The Big Twins and the Sportster. They made variations on the two themes to satisfy niche markets. You can argue the Flatheads are a separate line but in truth the OHV's are derivatives from them. (A passing fad I am told)

Had the internet been invented 70 years ago we would have stood a chance to reach into archives and pull out gems like Patrick has.
Of course, had my Aunty had balls she would have been my uncle.

Oh. Sorry, if that's inappropriate, don't want to offend anyone. I guess trannies can ride Harley's too.
(Oh ! Is THAT inappropriate ?)

Thanks for the pics and links Patrick.
"I know only too well the evil that I propose, but my inclinations get the better of me."
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