1961 XLH Original Paint Machine

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1961 XLH Original Paint Machine

Postby raleypc » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:00 pm

Thanks for the add! I have a few on topic Sportsters including an original paint '65 XLCH and original paint '61 XLH. I am really enjoying the '61 XLH which I purchased about six months ago from an Ebay seller after it did not meet the reserve. The seller was the son of the recently deceased original owner. The son said that his dad told him that the color was a special order not normally available that year. It appears to be the prior year's Skyline Blue. Although the bike was covered with 35 years worth of garage dust it has been well preserved as the owner had drained both the gas and the oil and removed the battery back in 1979 when it was last registered. I was initially worried a bit as the compression seemed really low, but after an oil change, fresh gas, and a new battery it fired off without much effort. The compression returned after running a bit so I suspect the valves were just being held off their seats by some old carbon deposits. After rebuilding the Linkert DC-12 it is now a proverbial one kick starter, even when the temps are in the 30's. I am not really a windshield guy but I am growing to like the weather protection as well as the ability to wear a shorty helmet without too much wind noise. I have switched out the original buddy seat as I really like the floating sensation you get with a well set up sprung solo.

I recently noticed a crack in the muffler so am in search of a more solid original in otherwise similar cosmetic condition. If you happen to have one kicking around I sure would be interested!

Paul R.
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