1958 Sportster on Ebay

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1958 Sportster on Ebay

Postby GaryM2 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:28 pm

Here is a 1958 Sportster on Ebay (not mine - just posting what's out there)

Many incorrect parts. Look at the Vin Number stamp....

https://www.ebay.com/itm/1958-Harley-Da ... SwBPlc~-Ui
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Re: 1958 Sportster on Ebay

Postby Ferrous_Head » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:55 pm

It;s been listed about three times now without selling. I'm really bot too sure why it hasn't sold.
I do know there are several different schools of thought on our bikes. Some insist in factory correct everything right down to the correct brand of bolts. This bike isn't for them.
I think a lot of people believe they can build something better for less money. I seriously doubt they could. I know what it costs to get a bike into shape as good as this one is in. And you need to consider the time it takes to do these things. It's not trivial.

I actually put this bike up as an example of what the market for our passions really is on another forum. I used two bikes on Ebay as an example. I don't know either of the sellers by the way. The other bike was an original unrestored example listed for something like $40K. It didn't sell either.

As those of us interested in these old artifacts get older and de off the market will dry up to a certain extent. Young people simply aren't that interested in them and us old guys have a limit on how many we want to own. And ofvcourse as we die off and our collections come on to the market the supply side just grows. We don't wear out these bikes anymore - so they don't get thrown away.

And I don't blame the young people. When I was young I just wanted the biggest baddest bike I could get. I didn't give a rat's about heritage or brand loyalty. I bought Kwaka Z1's and 100 Katana's. Because a Sportster couldn't touch them. (Still can't)

I like Ironheads for the same reason I like Massey Fergusons from the 50's. Simple strong almost brutish. That's all.
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