K and Sportster Neck Rake Angle

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K and Sportster Neck Rake Angle

Postby JerrryR » Wed Jun 24, 2020 11:23 pm

Hi Everyone,
I was recently posting some thoughts on a Facebook group about K and Sportster neck rake angle. I realized that I am unclear about a few things. My copy of the Facebook post below addresses the issues but for clarity here are my questions.
Is there any documentation that says the 52-53 K had a rake of 28 degrees?
The September of 53 Enthusiast says the 54 K has a new rake of 29 & 3/4 degrees, the 59-69 service manuals say the rake is 30 degrees.
Did one of the post -52 welded necks add 1/4 degree to the rake, the -52A, -55 or 2 versions of the -56 necks?

54 Enthusiast K Rake.jpg
54 Enthusiast K Rake.jpg (16.38 KiB) Viewed 331 times

Frame Print Sized.jpg
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Hi all, i've been thinking about my statement that I beleive the 52 and 53 Ks had a neck rake of 28 degrees. I don't want to be the disseminator of incorrect information. I cannot point to any documentation stating this angle. I have to beleive I think it because I measured it with a protractor (I did but how accurately who knows) or someone told it to me. Can anyone point to a document indicating the angle? Also I am interested in your thoughts as to whether the Sportster neck angle is 30 degrees as shown in the service manuals or really is the 29 & 3/4 as stated for the Ks in the September of 53 Enthusiast. If it in fact is 30 degrees which K neck casting post the -52 welded neck intorduced with the 54 model year added the 1/4 degree?
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Re: K and Sportster Neck Rake Angle

Postby No side stand » Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:19 am

In this day and age, it is common for people to gain more knowledge from our interactions on forums, FB and Instagram, etc.
A degree is broken into minutes, and seconds like an hour. One degree is divided into 60 minutes, and one minute into 60 seconds.
Sounds like a Sportster neck would be 29’degrees and 45”minutes.
That's one leg wetting fact for the day.
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