Mike's Last Ride

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Mike's Last Ride

Postby jOe » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:52 pm

It's with great sadness that we note the passing last night of Mike Slemmon in Duarte,California. Mike lived for the XLCH. In his words the XLCH was the only universal truth in life. His knowledge of all things Sportster was encyclopedic as it should have been. He started out in the Mid-'60's working for Chubbuck's Harley Davidson in Pasadena,California. He worked unloading and setting up new bikes and wrenching in the shop. His memories of what was original and correct was invaluable, as was what went on between the time they were unloaded and the time they rolled out of the showroom.
Sadly, he took a vast storehouse of XLCH knowledge along with him. Mike will be greatly missed.
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