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Postby hennesse » Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:55 am

EKHKHK56 wrote:Dave be sure and check your trans gears for updated versions, as noted in the `History`. If needed, Andrews should still provide replacement gears if H-D ones are not available. Have to have same exact teeth #, etc. I believe it was only two gears that H-D replaced because of the extra torque provided by the long stroke. Cheers all, Erik

I started on a follow-up article to Jerry Raino's treatise on Transmission and Rear Wheel Gears - my research is on transmission gears. Oh, these are a real mess. It seems that Harley was changing the tranny gears about twice a year through the K/KH years. They finally figured it out with the early Sportsters. I've got a few days more work to do on it - then send it to Jerry and Scott for V&V. As they say in Jamaica, "Soon come".

My 54 KH has been modified with KR #7 Heads, KR double valve springs, KR cams, and it looks like KR or KR-TT tranny gears, as my gear teeth don't seem to match up with anything normal. See another post about the 1963 Competition Models book.

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