How Do I Shorten a Clutch Cable ?

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How Do I Shorten a Clutch Cable ?

Postby hennesse » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:09 am

The clutch cable on my 54 KH is about 4 inches too long. I need to shorten it. How do I do it? Which end of the cable do I remove the crimp/solder dealy-bob from? How do I reattach said dealy-bob after shortening?

Surely someone has done this before, and I want to learn from your mistakes, rather than learning from my mistakes. It hurts less that way.

I fired up the 1954 KH on New Years Day. After a 4-year restoration effort, it's almost ready to ride. I need to do a few more things before its Maiden Voyage - like the stupid front brake and clutch cables - yeah, I've been procrastinating, but the day of reckoning is now here. Help me get the clutch under control! Once I'm satisfied the cables are the correct length, I'll try to find cloth-covered cables to replace them with.

I'm dying to go riding - even if it is 40 degrees outside! (OK, after 5 minutes, I'll be dying to get back inside the nice warm house drinking a nice hot cup of coffee, but heck, we gotta keep up our ruff-tuff motorcycle-men images, don't we?).

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Re: How Do I Shorten a Clutch Cable ?

Postby EKHKHK56 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:34 am

C'mon Dave. Use your 4" over Ape Bars! Yeah there are a few different length cables depending on year, XL or K, adjuster type, aftermarket etc. Ok you need to transplant either end 4" down and reattach. Can cut cable cleaner if wrapped in electric tape or shrink wrap. High speed cut off saw, or hack saw. If one end part is free, it can be moved up and attached perhaps. Silver Solder and lots of Lead. No girly Calif solder. :ugeek: With solder iron can keep heat down. If Cable Housing in jeopardy from heat, stick in water while attaching end. Some universal ends are available with Set Screw but that's for Briggs n Stratton. I probably have a cable you can have. Erik
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Re: How Do I Shorten a Clutch Cable ?

Postby Mutt » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:51 am

I make cables, have been selling them on eBay for many years now. It's probably better to remove the handle end. Depending on who made your cables, you may not be able to re-use the end, if it was crimped on.

Pull the cable tight from either end and measure the stick out and write this measurement down

Cut the straight end off, remove the inner cable, cut the housing to the correct length, reinstall the inner cable.

Get a 1/4" bolt and cut the head and the threads off of it, then cut the remainder so that ya have a piece 1/2" long. drill an .125" hole thru it long ways.

Slide it onto the inner cable, get the measurement between the end of the ferrule and the cable housing.cut off all remaining inner cable past the ferrule .
You can now either TIG weld the very end with a bit of silicone bronze rod or you can use a soldering pot if ya have one.
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