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Craigslist Search Working Again

Postby hennesse » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:55 pm

Friday 10/16/2020

Craigslist made some minute changes in the way they present the results on the web - around the last week of September. You would not notice any difference on CL's webpages, but the changes confused our friendly robot search daemon.

At the AMCA Upperco swap meet, someone (maybe Dr. Dick?) told me about it. I hadn't noticed since I'm not in the market for any for Ks or XLs at the moment. It took me a little time to clear my desk, and spend 6 straight hours (yes, that long) staring intently at the computer screen, pounding the keyboard, and expelling steam from my ears. The changes were found and the daemon's programming adjusted.

The daemon needs some time to get caught up. By tomorrow (Saturday) morning, it will have covered most of the 413 CL sites across the country, and have full results by Sunday morning.

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