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Craigslist Search for Mobile Devices

Postby hennesse » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:22 pm

Craigslist Search for Mobile Devices

We're proud to announce the new Mobile version of the Craigslist Search program. Mobile is designed to work on touch-oriented devices – tablets and some larger cell-phones. Unfortunately many old smaller phones may not have enough screen-area for it to be useful. Give it a try and see if it works for you.
Craigslist Search for Mobile
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Using Mobile

Mobile works quite similarly to the desktop version, but it's optimized for your finger instead of your mouse. Tap one of the thumbnail photos, and a larger image will display in the "preview" area. If the bike interests you, tap on the preview, and the Craigslist page will open in a new tab. You can also double-tap on a thumbnail to open the Craigslist page.

Mobile has the same memory feature as the desktop version. You can "hide" bikes you're not interested in by tapping the "dark glasses", and that bike won’t bother you again.

Tapping the yellow gear will open the Toolbox. The Toolbox has a new feature – "Undo Last Hide". If you accidently "hide" a bike, open the Toolbox, tap "Undo Last Hide", and the bike will magically reappear.

On mobile devices, your hand covers the screen while you're tapping and swiping, so we moved the thumbnails to the right side of the screen. For left-handers, the Toolbox has an option to move the thumbnails back to the left side.

More on the Memory feature

The Memory feature is specific to each device. You can Hide bikes on your tablet, and they will stay hidden the next time you view the page – on your tablet. However, if you later access the Craigslist search from your desktop computer, those bikes will NOT stay hidden. So pick a device, and use that same device each time you search Craigslist.

We've actually found a way to sync the memory between devices, but it's way too complicated. We need to do some more head-scratching on this problem.

Mobile on a Desktop Computer?

Yes, Mobile will work on a desktop computer too! Click on a thumbnail photo, and a larger photo will appear in the Preview area. Click on the Preview, and the Craigslist page will open in a new tab. You can actually double-click on a thumbnail to do this, but most people will find it easier to click on the Preview instead.

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