55 KHK - Selling Mine This Summer

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55 KHK - Selling Mine This Summer

Postby Mayday53 » Mon May 10, 2021 10:04 pm

After much debate and thought and tears honestly, I am probably selling my 7 year long 55 KHK project this summer. I actually sat with the original owner a couple weeks ago and discussed my thoughts, since I had promised I would not sell it. I found out several things which I had misunderstood, such as I thought he had blown a 53 K model and put in a 55 KHK motor...he corrected me and said, "no I blew the motor on a 53 K model and traded the bike in on a barely used 55 KHK when the dealer convinced me how much more powerful and fast it would be...he was right!" It was a double-edged sword when I saw he was fine with me selling it; deep down I was hoping he would tell me no. he's 85 and said he is just happy to see it running and looking like when he bought it in 1955. I did do a couple changes to it though, such as shocks, exhaust, and PCing fork lowers, struts and handle bars...which I think look way better than original.

Anyway, I am debating about putting it in the Mecum auction, possibly in Monterrey in August...never done that before, does anyone have any thoughts on selling that route? I am not sure about commissions, fees, etc. if it will be worth it. I am open to suggestions as long as they are in a manner which is respectful and helpful.

Anyway, sad day for my decision, but I brought a classic back to life!

"Respect is given, disrespect is earned"
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