Technical: Inlet Pipes
Stan Diener, Dave Hennessey

The Carb. support bracket was not listed in the 1953 Spare Parts Catalog, although they were present on some 1952 and 1953 K models. We believe the part number was 27433-52. This bracket was fastened to the bottom of the carburator, but just rested on the top of the crankcase.

The KH models with their longer stroke required a taller support bracket. The 27433-54 was a little taller.

The 1956 version, 27433-54A, now is fastened to both the carb and the crankcase top-center stud, via a combination nut-bolt that is attached to the stud.

Lockwasher - 7130 or 7045 The 1954 through 1959 Spare Parts Catalog illustrations show a regular lockwasher labelled “7130”. This part number does not appear in the Miscellaneous Listings (nuts and bolts) section near the back of the catalogs. We believe that the illustration is incorrect, and this is really a 7045 3/8" split lockwasher.

Strangely, the 1963 Parts Catalog K-model carburator illustration shows an internal tooth lockwasher, and the parts listing shows “7130 Internal tooth”. We think this was an incorrect correction - they should have changed the part number, not the illustration!