Technical: Seats
Erik Hoopes, et al.


1952-1953: K & KK

Photos: Mr. Kahessian

1954-1956: KH & KHK
1957-later Sportster
thru 1964 XLCH
thru 1965 XLH

Photos: Erik Hoopes


I believe the seat T is part # 51901-52R for KRTT, KRM, and XLRTT. It is in essence an extended 52-53 seat T with a shorter cross bar made to fit the longer and narrower racing seat. There are 2 variations...one with a 51920-52 casting number front section and the other with a 51910-52A casting number front section. The 52-53 standard seat T does not have the middle "extention" piece and has a longer crossbar with wider bolt spacing. Scott M.

Photos: Erik Hoopes

Mystery Seat, early repop? Has the wider spacing for the rear T mounts like 52-53 8"... 54 is 6.5"

Photos: Erik Hoopes